November 4-8 is Severe Winter Weather Awareness Week

Fall is still here, but winter is right around the corner.  Whether we really want to admit that or not is another question.

In honor of Severe Winter Weather Awareness Week, we have compiled some resources to help you prepare.

The North Dakota Department of Emergency Services has put together a lot of good handouts.  Visit their page to learn about things like generator safety, winterizing your car, household safety, hypothermia and frostbite care, outdoor safety tips, winter living in recreational vehicles, and putting together a winter survival kit.

The National Weather Service – Bismarck office has great information on all those advisories, watches, and warnings we often get put under during the winter months.  Visit their page to learn about these definitions as well as other winter weather safety items.

You can also visit the Stutsman County Facebook page – don’t forget to ‘Like’ us to receive our updates!

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