Burn Ban Proclamation and Fire Emergency Declaration for Stutsman County

The Stutsman County area is once again finding itself a little short of moisture.  We all know that circumstance could change in a heartbeat.  But for now, it’s very dry.  Dry enough for every Fire Chief in Stutsman County to be very concerned about fire.

And that’s why Mark Klose, Stutsman County Commission Chairman, on Tuesday (9-3-12) signed a Fire Emergency Declaration and Burn Ban Proclamation.  Approximately half of the counties in North Dakota currently now have burn bans in effect.   So, regarding the Stutsman County burn ban, this is what you need to know:

  • The burn ban includes all incorporated cities in the County except for the City of Jamestown which has its own burning related ordinances that remain in effect as usual.
  • The burn ban is linked to the Fire Danger Index.  The ban is only in effect when the Fire Danger Index for that day is in the VERY HIGH or EXTREME category.
  • If Stutsman County is in a Fire Danger Index category other than VERY HIGH or EXTREME, the burn ban is not in effect for that day.
  • When the ban is in effect, it does not allow for burning of garbage, or camp fires using wood or charcoal.  “Ember creating” fires are not allowed.
  • When the burn ban is in effect, it restricts all open burning with the following two exceptions:   1)  Propane/gas-, kerosene- or alcohol-burning cook stoves may be used in residential areas or established recreational camping areas, provided that a person maintaining it has ready access to a fire extinguisher.  2)  Outdoor welding may be performed for industrial, ranching, agricultural, or other business purposes provided that a fire extinguisher is readily accessible at the time the welding is performed.
  • The fire danger index is revised every morning by the National Weather Service and can be found by googling “ND fire danger index” or by going to the Bismarck National Weather Service website at http://www.crh.noaa.gov/bis/ and clicking on “Fire Weather.”  The fire danger index can also be determined by calling the Stutsman County Communications Center at 701-252-1000 and asking for the daily fire danger index.
  • The ban is not linked to a specific time of day or to any snow or rain events, only to the Fire Danger Index.
  • If it rains and the Fire Danger Index for that day is either in the VERY HIGH or EXTREME categories, burning would not be allowed for that day.  However, burning the next day may be allowed if the Fire Danger Index falls below VERY HIGH.
  • Any individual who willfully violates this burn ban is guilty of a Class B misdemeanor (NDCC 37-17.1-10.1) punishable by fine of up to $1000.00 and 30 days in jail.  The Stutsman County Sheriff’s Office is authorized to issue citations to violators.
  • If there are any questions related to the burn ban, have the individual contact the Sheriff’s Office (701-252-9000) or the Emergency Manager (701-252-9093).
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